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5 Activities to Do with an Escort in London

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There are all sorts of things that you can do with an escort in London. When you are looking for companionship and a partner in crime, it’s easier to turn to an escort agency than anywhere else.

You might be surprised at all of the different activities you can do with an escort.


London has so many things to see and do. Whether you want to partake in the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Parliament, or anything else, you can spend days enjoying all of the sights and attractions. Rather than doing all of them on your own, you can have an escort at your side. Many London escorts are native to the area, too, making it easy to benefit from all of their local knowledge.


There are amazing restaurants sprinkled all throughout London. Many are owned by celebrity chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. You don’t have to sit at a table by yourself or you by booking time with an escort, you can have an attractive dinner date sitting across from you. You will be more apt to enjoy yourself and the two of you may get to know each other better over a bottle of wine.

Social Event

There’s nothing worse than going to a social event alone, especially if you have been told to bring a date. Many escorts will be able to dress to impress and attend a social event with you. You can choose to introduce them as anyone you want, such as a girlfriend, an old friend, or even a fiancé. It can take the pressure off of you when you are trying to impress co-workers or a boss. Plus, when you show up with the hottest date, no one will question you when you decide to leave early.

A Romantic Date

Many escorts provide what is known as the girlfriend experience. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy London as though you have a girlfriend. You can plan a romantic date that includes dinner, dancing, a romantic walk through Kensington Gardens, or anything else. Friendly operators at the escort agency will also assist you with the components of the date if you need ideas.

Private Companionship

You’re also able to enjoy a private companionship when you book time with a London escort. They can simply be in your presence, entertaining you in all sorts of ways. Some escorts are more risqué than others are, so you will need to decide what kind of entertainment it is that you want. Many will role-play, help act out your fantasies, and much more.

By understanding all of the ways that a London escort can assist you, you may decide to book with them periodically throughout your time in London. There are very few activities that are off limits, so you can choose to get as creative as you want.